Biometric Authentication News BAN-048 Release Date : 2018-02-16

Aggregation of data and its impact on privacy

  • What is the global heat map published by fitness data company Strava?
  • It is an interactive map and is the data aggregated or individual data that is available?
  • What are some of the privacy concerns?
  • The data is still owned by Strava and it is upto the organization on how they use it. What are your thoughts?
  • What should one consider when categorizing a data set as open set data?


  • DESG, Kantara sign a MOU for IDESG’s Identity Ecosystem Framework Registry
  • EFF’s founder, visionary, John Perry Barlow, passed away. May his soul rest in peace
  • Amazon has patented a wristband that can monitor the hand movements of its warehouse employees
  • RealBlock will increase the safety and surety of real estate closings
  • Skype has a security flaw that can allow attackers to gain system-level privileges
  • 2018 Winter Olympic Games have been hacked