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Blockhain and Identity Proposed ERC 725 -Interview with Fabian Vogelsteller

Release Date : 2018-01-29

Interview of the Week #blockchain

Guest : Fabian Fogelsteller | Mist and web3.js Developer | Ethereum

Fabian is long term open source developer, author and developer of many open source projects including Ethereum’s Mist browser and the Ethereum Wallet. Working since 3 Years for Ethereum. He proposed together with Vitalik Buterin the ERC20 token standard, which spurred a new era of tokenised investment and crowd ownership. He is also the author of ERC725, the Blockchain idendity standard.

In this interview he answers some of the questions around

  1. Blockchain and Identity – What can be improved in the current identity systems that blockchain can help?
  2. Is sovereign identity a dream or how do you think we can get there?
  3. You are currently working on blockhain and Identity and have proposed ERC 725 what is it?


Fabian Vogelsteller
Mist and web3.js Developer | Ethereum

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